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Playing Cards Border Help Needed Reply

    I'm trying to put a colored border on the face of my cards. In a previous thread someone mentioned using the "border" function after using the "layout" function to drag and drop an image onto the card front. What if the front of my cards don't have an image, only text? How do I place a border around the cards then?
24/3/2015 5:21:39

RE:Playing Cards Border Help Needed Reply

    Wes, this might work.

    I chose the 54 Design Rectangular Playing Cards and selected Silverlight.

    You will need to design the face of each card individually. Click on a card and then click on the tab “BORDER” on the right side of the screen. In the window that opens select “SHAPES”. I selected “Round Rectangle” by clicking and dragging it to my face card. This leaves a box to which you can add a photo as it displays “Drop Photo Here” text. Using the handles on this box stretch it to fill the entire card. Then go back and click on the “BORDER” tab again to display the window that allows you to select the border colour and its width. Select your desired colour and then use the slide bar to adjust the width of the border on your card (HINT: make note of the number that appears on the slide bar so that you can be sure to have the identical border width on all face cards).

    In your case since you want to add only text to your face card you will need to create a “dummy” photo so to speak. I did this by using the “Paint” program that comes with Microsoft, but you could use other programs as well such as PHOTOSHOP. In my case I simply opened “Paint” and saved the image as a white background in JPEG format. You then upload this “dummy” image to your album in Artscow. Once uploaded you can double click it in Silverlight and you will be left with a blank face card with a rectangular border.

    Now click on the “ADD TEXT” tab at the top and you can add your desired text.

    Hope this is of some help.

25/3/2015 2:42:43
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