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Renee Autery Capricorn
Very Happy with my Full Bleed Shirts 100% polyester SEE PHOTOS! Reply

    came across this 3 for $ 40 deal and got the idea to make my son a shirt with vintage video game stuff on it then I thought why not design some shirts for myself using some of my photography. Very impressed with the quality of the shirt and the printing method whatever that may be. Was surprised how good the "low res" images would turn out; I was imagining a big blurry blob but they turned out fantastic! Curious to see how they hold up in the wash (cause I am NOT handwashing). Will let you know if interested. NOTE: The 100% polyester shirts do not really stretch so make sure you get them big enough. I am ordering some of the 90% cotton / 10% poly ones right now. Curious how they differ in weight & feel.

5/23/2015 6:41:16 AM

RE:Very Happy with my Full Bleed Shirts 100% polyester SEE PHOTOS! Reply

    Very nice work. The print quality is impressive. Thank you for sharing.
    When ordering the T-shirts I found that to get a proper fit I needed to order a larger size, even 2 sizes larger if you want a loose fit.
5/23/2015 7:52:01 PM

Lyn Clarke
RE:Very Happy with my Full Bleed Shirts 100% polyester SEE PHOTOS! Reply

    I have ordered several shirts, undershirts, and pants. In the US, I wear a size 12 -a large shirt and size 12 pants. When I was in China, I wore a 2X pants - can't remember the top size. But, the idea is Artscow is based in Hong Kong. One has to take this into consideration. At first I ordered a womens sports mesh shirt in XL. The shirt fit but it was too tight to wear bowling. The shape is fitted and my "chubby back lumps" showed. I then ordered a mens size L in the sports mesh. The fit is boxier - straight sides. It worked great for me. In the camisoles I like the XL but in the wide strap underwear, I like the L. The bustline was a little too roomy. In the capris and the long shorts, I like the XL. I hope this helps someone.
8/13/2015 7:17:20 PM
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