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Evan Grossman
Page Number color Reply

    Is there anyway to change the color of page numbers on some pages? Some of my images are very dark, and I'd like to make the page numbers white.
23/10/2015 3:20:37

RE:Page Number color Reply

    This might do the trick...

    1. Click on the Photo Book page where you want to change the colour of the page number. A box should appear that contains various buttons to modify the page along with a "Page Number" box. By default the "Page Number" box has a check-mark in it and thus the pages are automatically numbered.

    2. Uncheck the "Page Number" box and the page number for that particular page will disappear.

    3. Using the "Add Text" button at the top you can insert your own page number with the ability to change the font, size and COLOUR to your choosing.

    NOTE: To ensure all your page numbers have the same font, size and position, you may want to insert your own numbers for each page even for those where you do not wish to change the colour. Hint: When re-positioning the text box, hold-down the CTRL button on your keyboard to get more precise control.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
23/10/2015 7:15:25
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