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Laura Cangiamilla
My wedding photobook orders Reply

    Overall I am pleased with the photobooks I ordered. I did order three copies of My wedding book. The only problem I had was the pictures that were 1/2 page or larger came out with a poor printing.

    My wedding reception book, which I also ordered three copies of came out great as well except these more of these pictures do not have the "crisp" look that I hoped for and appear on the blurry side.

    Also the spines on both of the above books came out different sizes on each book I ordered. I found this weird seeing that I did not change it when I ordered them. Berry even checked them before I ordered. Unfortunately this cut off some of my words on the spine of the books.

    I must say I was extremely pleased with the quality of My bridal portrait book. The pictures are excellent and printed amazingly. However on one page there is a big blue ink spot which ruins the fabulouslessness of the book. I have posted that pic as well.

    I am wanting to order more books but I am concerned that the quality will continue to vary. How can I be certain they will come out well.
11/7/2008 2:51:08

Jan Gemini
RE:My wedding photobook orders Reply

    Great job on your books!

    I had that same blue spot on one of the three books I got last week. Mine is on a picture, but because of the picture that is there the blue spot is not very noticeable. Our books must have been printed on the same day
11/7/2008 21:57:45

RE:My wedding photobook orders Reply

    hi Laura,

    I just checked your photo file size, all are over 3MB, final result should be perfect.

    The photo book images are different from prints, you can't use the quality of photo prints to do comparing. If you really want to compare, you can order from other company, see the quality difference.

    Please take some much better pictures of your real photo books, let other members to do comments. The quality of your current pictures are very bad, it is unfair to do comments, lol.

11/7/2008 22:18:49

RE:My wedding photobook orders Reply

    Laura, you are a beautiful bride, and these books are incredible! You did a beautiful job! I can't wait until my book comes back!
26/7/2008 23:09:23

Donna Reese
RE:My wedding photobook orders Reply

    I have ordered many photo books from artscow and I am very please with every order.
1/4/2009 8:52:36
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