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Apparal Printing Matchup? Reply


    i was wondering if anyone has ever printed a design that had to match up on the side?

    Kinda like this for an example?

    Did your print on a shirt or top match up perfectly on the side or was it off by a bit?
14/2/2016 2:11:05

RE:Apparal Printing Matchup? Reply

    In my experience it has been "hit and miss". Whenever pinpoint precision is required, such as in centering an image or lining things up on two separate pieces (as in your case), the result is often off a bit. I find that the Silverlight Designer is not equipped with the tools to permit accurate placement of images, i.e. you have to "eyeball" things. Also, the manufacturing process may not be adapted to ensure the product is put together exactly as per the design because of the wiggle room created by the "bleed area". Notwithstanding, I have designed products where the results have been exactly as submitted with pinpoint accuracy of key images.

    If you do submit a design that has a high level of precision required, I find that it is best to use the image in the "Preview" pane (i.e. the image that appears in your Shopping Cart) to ascertain how things line-up rather than what you may see in the Silverlight Designer. I do know, from experience, that Artscow will use the image contained in your Shopping Cart to compare with any photos you submit of the final product to point out perceived errors in the placement of the images.

    Hope this is of some use to you. Good luck!
14/2/2016 6:47:01
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