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Doyle Phillips
upload photobook pdf? Reply

    I have created my photobook and saved the cover and interior files as PDFs. Is there
    a way to upload them for the production of the book????
24/2/2016 2:18:08

RE:upload photobook pdf? Reply

    I don't believe you can upload PDF files. You can only upload image files. The following was found in the Artscow "Knowledge Base":

    Image Requirements
    The maximum images size that can be imported is 10 MB (10,240 KB).
    We recommend the following images formats: .JPG, .PNG.
    We suggest you make the image that you are importing the same size that you'll use on your design.
    Poor printing quality may result from enlarged and/or low resolution images. We recommend using at least 150 DPI (dots per inch).

    If you have Photoshop or something similar, you could convert your PDF files to a JPG format making them image files. You could then upload those images to Artscow.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
24/2/2016 10:34:59
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