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Kathleen Fairweather
Silverlight does not work on my Mac Reply

    I tried to download Silverlight using the "for Mac" download. It doesn't work. Then when I went to the Silverlight page to uninstall it, there was no uninstall (News flash: Silverlight, many Mac programs come with an uninstall option. Find a place that has one and ask them how to use it).

    So, I am unable to view the work I've done here. The things I've made and ordered and paid for I can no longer see on my site. I want pictures of my designs to put in my email and sites, but oh well, thanks to Silverlight I cant do that. Is there anyone in programming at Artscow that can go to the internet and find out how to make designs without Silverlight? Zazzle, Cafe Press, Deviantart are all accessible without it. What's the deal with Silverlight anyways? Why the heck do you tell us to use a program that only works for some of your customers but not all?

    I'm VERY disappointed.

6/5/2016 7:15:58
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