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Meaghan Aries
Referral Credit Changed? Reply

    Hey guys, 4 of the people i referred to your company have bought products for far, so i had 4 creidts to use. I decided that i wanted to get the Custom Playing cards, So I clicked on Redeem to get the credit for it. So I made my Playing cards. But here's the Problem....

    I noticed that i only have *2* of the 4 credits left. But when you look at the credits needed it says it only costs 1 credit. So therefore shoulding i have *3* credits left, not 2?

    Can you add a referral credit back to me?
    Or Can you add 1 free 54 custom playing card credit to me?

17/7/2008 5:18:54

Meaghan Aries
RE:Referral Credit Changed? Reply

    Hello? Answer Please
21/7/2008 2:27:05
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