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I have tons of codes to exchange! Reply

    I'm looking for the following codes in exchange:
    Tank top
    Reversible Skater Dress
    Any other clothing

    Here is what I have:
    6x6 Deluxe Photo Book (20 pages)
    7x5 Deluxe Photo Book (20 pages)
    6x6 Photo Book (20 pages)
    9x7 Photo Book (20 pages)
    7x5 Photo Book (20 pages)
    8x8 Photo Book (20 pages)
    Rubber Coaster (Heart)
    Rubber Coaster (Square)
    Throw Pillow Case (Black)
    Rubber Coaster (Round)
    Cigarette Money Case
    Business Card Holder
    2.25" Button
    Large Memo Pads
    Small Memo Pads
    3" Handbag Mirror
    Drawstring Pouch (Small)
    Ornament (Round Filigree)
    Ornament (Snowflake)
    Ornament (Bell)
    Ornament (Oval Filigree)
    Ornament (Round)
    Ornament (Oval)
    Ornament (Heart)
    Ornament (Star)
    Basic Tote Bag
    Ornament (Christmas Tree)
    Playing Cards (Mini)
    Playing Cards Single Design
    Playing Cards (Round)
    Playing Cards (Heart)
    Name Stamp
    Rubber Stamp (Medium)
    Rubber Stamp (Large)
    Medium Glasses Cloth
    Small Glasses Cloth
    Large Mousepad
    Dog Tag (One Side)
    Dog Tag (Two Sides)
    Large Glasses Cloth
    Dog Tag Heart (One Side)
    Dog Tag Heart (Two Sides)
    3D Engraving Circle Key Chain
    3D Engraving Key Chain
    3D Engraving Heart Key Chain
    Round Plastic Sport Watch (L)
    Dog Tag Bone (One Side)
    Dog Tag Bone (Two Sides)
    Sport Metal Watch
    Wall Calendar 11" x 8.5" (12-Months)
24/2/2017 9:14:09

RE:I have tons of codes to exchange! Reply

    I sent you a PM.

24/2/2017 14:20:22
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