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Amanda Konesni Leo
Credit & Discount Issues Reply

    I can't think of a single company that would tell a long-term customer who has spent thousands of dollars with them to NOT to refer new people to them. But ArtsCow just did. I emailed about the photo credits. I love ArtsCow and so I refer my friends often. However, that means I've got photo credits into 2052, I won't even be alive then. So I emailed and asked if I could have those just removed from my account.

    Easy peasy, right? Especially as ArtCow did it once before for me last year.

    Nope. I was told that I got those because I referred people to ArtsCow, and if I didn't like them, to just not refer people anymore.

    ArtsCow, please give us a better way to manage our credits. Either separate photo credits into another page, allow us to "Toss" ones we aren't going to use, or check a setting saying we don't want referrer photo credits, something. OR, allow us to email and request those to be deleted, and actually have them deleted. It shouldn't be difficult to remove them if users ask.

    I have OCD, and the huge unwieldy list of credits is driving me crazy. My only option at this point is to start transferring them by hand one at a time to my aunt's account that she gave me the password to in order to put them there. It shouldn't be this difficult.

    Please give us a better way to organize, sort, or delete credits we aren't using. Please.
17/8/2017 14:11:39
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