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Title:Graphic Designer
A Designer's Wish List Reply

    Dear Artscow CEO,

    As POD sites are becoming more popular, we are finally seeing something other than basic apparel items. I'm curious...does artscow have any intention to start marketing toward designers? If so, here is my wish list...

    1. Better quality/high res mockups with no heads (mockup cropped at neck) or belly button piercings on crop tops
    2. Integration with Shopify, Store Envy, etc. or code to add to our own websites for products
    3. Downloadable templates instead of the outdated Silverlight
    4. Better mug options (different shapes)
    5. Travel coffee mugs
    6. Wine glasses, beer mugs & steins, martini glasses

    You have a great product lineup!

5/9/2017 12:54:22
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