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Lina Eve
Calendar Problems, images moved at preview and one image is upside down!! Reply

    I've been trying to design a 2023 calendar, but when I check the preview, all the images have moved up a month! Not the way I upladed them. Also the last image ( instead of the logo) appears uploaded upside down! So the Preview is quite different to my design, Every other time I had created a design, with photo books or calendars via Artscow, they have always worked out well. I would really like to order a batch of calendars, butnot if tey print the same as the preview ! How can i make sure the printed calendar will be the same as my design?? Otherwise, its a waste of money to order at all. I used Chrome to upload. Hope you can help me because I want gift them and they will take a while to arrive. Cheers from Australia, LIna
12/9/2022 6:30:56 PM
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