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photo book create issues Reply

    Hi All,

    I'm having an issue with the "Advanced Designer"...

    Creating a 100 page photo book, have selected the layouts and done a auto fill, now every photo i click on to edit (resize, rotate and or move) suddenly moves the picture to the last page hidden behind the layout there. I'm on page 3 and it is doing it for EVERY SINGLE PICTURE and is getting very fustrating...

    Can anyone help with a solution or remedy??

    Thanks in Advance :)
11/28/2023 12:41:05 PM

Admin1 Capricorn
RE:photo book create issues Reply

    hi Michael,

    Thank you for reporting this. We have just fixed the problem, please try again!

    ArtsCow Support Team
12/1/2023 9:12:45 PM

RE:photo book create issues Reply

    You've discovered a real problem that needs fixing. Recycle time is now smooth and errors are rarely seen. I just sometimes load slowly. Attractive with diverse topics along the basketbros website.
2/22/2024 11:23:59 AM
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