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bunny bokes
RE:The importance of taking pictures! (a long ramble) Reply

    before i do not really appreciate taking pictures and all especially when my mom gets so insisting that it gets annoying when i was growing up. but then when i see those pictures now i really appreciate it and how i wished i had had my picture taken more during my teenage years as i don't have much of them anymore during that time i guess my mom got tired of making me pose for a picture or something it is really valuable and it does say a lot of stories just by looking at old pictures so i guess its time people learn to appreciate it more
8/1/2012 1:50:04 PM

RE:RE:The importance of taking pictures! (a long ramble) Reply

    I don't see any reason to print them all.

    Print your favorites. Having 100 photos of the same event or person gets boring and excessive. Select your favorites of the person/event, making each printed photo more meaningful than 100 similar photos printed out. No one wants 100 printed photos (or even digital) of the same thing. Editing down your photo collection -- both digital and printed -- is a good thing. Some photos suck, some are blurry, some are repeats. Delete the extras and print your favorites.

    Photobooks can include a lot of photos in a small amount of space.

    >Photos last forever. Printing them would be a good option, I agree. But wouldn't it be costly to print all of them if you have a huge collection?
8/10/2012 1:37:20 PM

Edgar Robitaille
RE:RE:The importance of taking pictures! (a long ramble) Reply

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8/31/2021 4:25:39 PM
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