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Michelle Kelly
Can someone send you pictures? Reply

    I would like to do a book for my SIL with her pictures. Is there a way for her to open her own account but link the pictures to my account? Or is the only way to give her my password to upload the pictures?


5/10/2011 6:59:24 PM

RE:Can someone send you pictures? Reply

    You can't get pictures from other accounts to your account. When I do photobooks from pictures taken from others (like at my granddaughter's birthday party), my daughter puts them on a cd and sends them to me. Or when I am at her house I take a mini flash drive and download them to that. Then I put the pictures on my computer and upload them to my folder on Artscow. It takes too long to email them. And putting them on an online image program doesn't work because they are too small. I always edit every image to 300 dpi before printing them or uploading them. GL
5/11/2011 7:49:00 AM
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