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help with credits... Reply

    Hello... I'm trying to figure out the whole credits thing. I want to order some playing cards, so I put my design together and added 5 decks (Front & Back) to my cart. Of course in my credits/discounts it says I can get 5 large mousepads free and some other things. So I made my designs and tossed those into my cart as well. Then the top shows a total of 131.00 For the playing cards, as well as a bunch of other items that should have been free per my credit. Assuming i'm understanding the credit system right.. Then on the bottom it says.. 5 Free Large Mousepads and other freebees.. new total 51.99 but then I go to the checkout and it shows a grand total of 150.00 which includes shipping.

    My question is.. how did that happen? Are those items free or not? I understand shipping all the items along with my cards = 40.00 so add that to 51.99 and you get 91.99 total.

    Where did the rest of it go? Cause that checkout page should have shown my total with credits discounted off right?

    Or am I looking at the credit system all wrong?

    Any help would be great.


    ----FIGURED IT OUT!----

    I had another coupon in the coupon section and thus it wasn't putting the total correctly on the final page.

    All is good now.. Ordered my items..

    Thanks Guys!
7/6/2008 5:27:54 AM
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